Trading Conditions

Forex Spreads


TRADE111 offers execution and pricing options for every type of trader. Account and execution types include: our "No Dealing Desk" execution, the Dealing Desk and Special Volume Trader spreads plus commission cost structure. Register for a demo account in order to view the spreads for TRADE111's 48 currency pairs,

2.5 pips
0.7 pips
2.5 pips
1.1 pips
2.7 pips
0.9 pips
4.4 pips
2.0 pips
2.9 pips
1.5 pips
2.3 pips
0.5 pips
2.6 pips
0.8 pips
2.8 pips
1.4 pips
2.5 pips
1.1 pips
2.5 pips
1.1 pips
3.0 pips
1.4 pips
3.0 pips
1.4 pips

Advertised Spreads: TRADE111 spreads are variable. The listed spreads are calculated from the time-weighted average of the spreads between January 1, 2014 and May 1, 2014. Advertised spreads may not always apply to client accounts of referring brokers. We at TRADE111 do our best to provide traders with tight, competitive spreads; however, sometimes market conditions cause spreads to widen beyond the ones listed here.

Execution Disclaimer

When trading Forex on both TRADE111's dealing desk and no dealing desk execution models, TRADE111 is the final counterparty to these transactions. In both execution models TRADE111 aggregates the bid and ask prices from a pool of liquidity providers. The quotes on TRADE111's platforms are the best available bid and ask quotes after TRADE111's mark-up has been applied. TRADE111's mark-up may vary by liquidity provider and account type. Many factors affect the mark-up, including but not only a liquidity provider's quote rejection rates, network performance (e.g., latency), depth of liquidity, and overall quality of execution. On the Dealing Desk execution model TRADE111 can act as the dealer on some or all currency pairs. There are also back up liquidity providers that fill in whenever TRADE111 does not act as the dealer. Please note that TRADE111's Dealing Desk employs fewer liquidity providers than the No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution option.

TRADE111 does not guarantee that quotes, prices, or spreads will always be better on one form of execution as compared to the other. When deciding their preferred execution type, clients should take into account various factors.